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regcurepro_boxWhat Is Regcure?

Regcure is a program that has been developed to help in cleaning broken registries from PCs. In case you have a computer that has a lot of broken registries that tend to slow it down, then you need to download Regcure today.

There is a trial version which has limited features and the Regcure pro version which you will be required to pay for. It is always necessary for you to go for the pro version because you will access all the useful features included.

The program has been used by many people who were having problems with their computer speeds, but after making use of the program, they were able to increase the speeds. The program has great user interface which will make it very easy for you to use even if you have never tried it before. Here are some of the features available in the program.

Repairing and Cleaning Windows Registry

In case you have broken windows registry, you can decide to repair them or clean. This makes it easy for you to increase the speed of your computer that may have been decreased due to a lot of broken registries. The program makes it easy to scan and identify the broken registry for you to take necessary actions.

Manage Start-Up Programs

In order to make your computer load specific programs that you will like to use faster, you will find star up manager feature very useful. The star up manager allows you to have a list of all the programs that have been installed in the computer which auto starts when making use of the computer.

From the star up, you can uncheck the programs and avoid their auto start. This leads to increasing the speed of your computer because the processor will only work on programs that you use at a given period of time.

Scans for Active Malware

Active malware in a computer are among the things that contribute to lowering the speed of your computer. In some cases, they may even end up making the computer to hang. After you download Regcure you will easily scan and remove active malware from your computer.

Schedule Cleaning Times

In order to ensure your computer is running at optimum speed, the program allows you to schedule regular cleaning of your computer. This ensures there are no cases where broken registries will build up in your computer to a level where you will face problems when working with the computer.

Manage Windows Restore Points

Restore points will enable you set your computer to a past date when it was in good condition in case it develops complications. You will have more control of the restore points after you buy Regcure pro. Another useful feature that comes with Regcure is the defrag feature which is very helpful when loading big files to your computer.

Cleans Junk Files from Computer

Junk files will tend to occupy space and slow down your computer yet you are not benefiting from them. With the software you will easily get rid of the junk files from the PC.

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